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Hydrogen Production PowerPoint | Global Energy Systems advanced technology

American Flag | Global Energy Systems advanced technology

Congratulations to Our New President

Update 2017: Global Energy Systems looks forward to working closely with our new administration.

We are an American company, dedicated to developing highly advanced new clean energy technologies. These technologies have the potential to advance American business and industry as well as being shared with our allies, to improve conditions for people around the world. It is our sincerest wish that they now be brought out into the public domain in cooperation with the leaders of both industry and government.

God bless our new president and his family.

A sincere thank-you to leaders in Russia who refused to be baited into engaging in a war with our last administration. Please pray for the recovery of Roger Stone, and for the safety and continued success of the heroic whistleblowers who have risked their very lives to speak truth, and investigative reporters like InfoWars and Drudge. (Also that Alex Jones can find the patience to refrain from interrupting his excellent guests when they have important things to say that we all need to hear.)

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